Nestle Manhattan

Nestle is one of the largest manufacturers of ice cream in the world, which also confirms the leading position in research, innovation and high quality standards of the company.

There are many kinds of ice cream, milkshakes, and ice cream berries smoothies, fresh juices and a fragrant Swiss coffee Nespresso.

Each year Nestle completes its collection of new tastes of ice cream. This year we will be able to taste the ice cream flavored Coffee Latte, cherry, orange and strawberry sorbet, and evaluate new, seasonal decorations ice cream. Of course, you can already enjoy the favorite tastes, such as young visitors Nestle tastes ice cream Hello Kitty flavored chewing gum and ice cream Kit-Kat with milk chocolate chunks and crispy waffles.

Ice cream you can complement a variety of candy and nut fillings – banana, pistachio, mini M&Ms, tutti frutti, mint, strawberry mini Snickers and balls. In addition to delicious ice cream, Nestle also offers a taste of cocktails, freshly squeezed juices and ice cream desserts as well as freshly prepared, delicious coffee.

Another novelty of this season – Nestle offers a real ice-cream cake! Design cake and ice cream you can choose in any cafe Nestle, as well as on the company’s page on Facebook – Nestle Ice Cream Latvia. Price cake Eur 18,50 per kilogram, it is no depends on the design and type of ice cream.



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