In "Monton" store renewed brand "Ivo Nikkolo" presents its transitional collection and offers a limited selection of "Monton" womenswear items.

"Ivo Nikkolo", one of the oldest and most remarkable local brands, is undergoing a renewal. In spring/summer 2021 "Ivo Nikkolo" is presenting customers a transitional collection from the previous brand to the new one. The renewed "Ivo Nikkolo" is more youthful, offering feminine, stylish and high-quality clothes and accessories that are easy to mix and match for both everyday wear and more festive occasions.

The "Monton" womenswear collection focuses on smart city/formal style, which is characterized by bold color combinations, good fit and quality. This season will be the last when we are offering a limited selection of Monton’s womenswear items.

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