Maxima XXX store at the fashion and entertainment center Rīga Plaza is the most modern Maxima store to date, taking up area of 5000 m2. In total EUR 2,9 million has been invested in the store, including EUR 1,3 million invested in setting up modern shopping solutions in the retail area and an upgraded customer service system, creating up-to-date shopping environment for residents and convenient jobs for almost 100 employees of the store. The entire store has energy-efficient LED lighting that can be regulated in many ways, and a number of other modern solutions.

The new store has the largest number of checkout counters to date – 26, including 14 standard checkouts and 12 self-service checkouts featuring the latest solutions, which ensure speedy, quality service.

Customers are offered almost 33,000 product units to choose from, including a broad range of local products and freshly-prepared meals. There is also a playground for children at the store.

You are welcome to visit!

Mall plan