Kafijas banka

“Kafijas Banka” is a Latvian joint venture. We are the largest coffee producer in the Baltics. 🥇Our factory is equipped with the most modern equipment, all production processes are maximally automated and controllable. This ensures a consistently high product quality. Due to the constantly growing demand, we have started the construction of a new, much larger and more powerful production plant.


Every day, our assortment includes 29 coffee mono varieties, as well as 20 specially developed coffee blends.

Our setting is to offer the customer freshly roasted coffee and keep track of the quality of the final product, keeping it at a consistently high level.


We are satisfied and grateful to our customers who praise the quality of our products and express our appreciation for our product. "It wings and motivates us to strive and develop, to expand our network of cafes and to strive for the highest peaks in this business niche in Latvia."

Mall plan