Latvia’s biggest food court opens in Riga Plaza after the mall’s reconstruction


“Food Plaza” is a new food court which was opened after the renovation of the Rīga Plaza fashion and entertainment centre. Its construction cost half a million euros in investments; it became Latvia’s largest food service facility of this type, with a 1500-square-metre floor area and enough capacity to accommodate 400 guests*. 

‘Riga Plaza is undergoing major positive changes, and Food Plaza is one of the first new items on that list that we present to our shoppers. Right now, this is not only the largest, but also the most advanced food court in Latvia. We designed the services offered at Food Plaza to attract the rapidly growing number of people working in Mūkusalas Street office blocks, who see it as a lunch venue, and to provide a broad and diverse range of dinner and weekend meal options for families living on the left bank of the Daugava,’ CBRE Baltics’ Asset Management Director Iveta Priedīte pointed out.

‘The latest trends in hospitality demand that guests are offered extensive and personalised options, so that one can get a hearty meal, a healthy meal, or a vegetarian/vegan meal. Food Plaza covers all of that. It is good for a big family or for a group of office workers. Everyone can choose the restaurant and the meal they like, and fights about what restaurant to dine at are a thing of the past,’ I. Priedīte said.

Food Plaza’s 1500 square metres are enough to accommodate a broad variety of food services, with nine restaurants offering diverse menus: vegetarian meals at Lassi, Asian food at Asia Express, Pipars home-style bistro, Middle-Eastern-style kebabs at Kebabs Fix, fast food snacks at Chicks and Chips, street food at Street Food Points, traditional Uzbek cuisine at My Plov, soups and cocktails at Tikai Karotes, and top-quality ice cream at Baskin Robbins. The new food court is on the upper floor of the shopping centre, and is one of the restaurant and cafe options available to guests.

Shoppers will also have access to free drinking water: a COOL TOUCH energy-efficient and innovative drinking water machine was installed in the food court. Visitors will be able to fill the bottles they bring with drinking water.

All of the furniture at Food Plaza was produced in the Baltics, and most of it was custom-designed. The interior design was developed by Performa in conjunction with architect Valerijus Starkovskis. LED lighting solutions were chosen to illuminate the space. A contactless hand sanitiser station with an exclusive design by Disinfect, a Latvian company, was installed in the food court to provide more safety to guests.


* Note: The arrangement of the food court has been changed in line with the COVID-19 safety measures, to reduce the spread of the virus.