Smart Vision

Smart Vision is an optician that breaks all the standards. We stand by high quality and affordable prices to all.

Free eye check

Don’t overpay for eye check. Book your free eye check appointment in Smart Vision website, in the shop or by reaching out to us. Find out what’s your prescription!

Frames for different tastes and affordable prices

Choose your designer frame for an affordable price. Want to stand out? Smart Vision is the first optician in Latvia offering eyewear from William Morris- an eyewear brand based in United Kingdom.

Lenses for half the price

High quality lenses with protective coatings is a crucial component of glasses that ensures comfort while wearing and prolongs the longevity of glasses. All Smart Vision lenses are being produced with the most important protective coatings for free.


Free delivery

Receive your glasses in the shop or get them delivered for free to any location in Latvia. You don’t have to schedule a repeated visit just to receive your glasses.

Remote eye checks

Get unprecedented impressions by booking your free eye check to a certified optometrist and try remote eye check with the latest telemedicine technology.

Visit us and feel the unique customer service. Looking for new glasses feels like a nightmare? Our professional glasses gurus’ will make your experience pleasant. High quality glasses should not be expensive because all of us deserve to see better!

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