MFD Veselības punkts

First concept clinic in Riga of the MFD Health group provides a wide range of medical services for all visitors of the fashion and entertainment centre Riga Plaza.

The concept clinic offers both examinations and specialist consultations – laboratory examinations, all types of vaccinations, including against exotic diseases, as well as diagnostics, consultations with an infectious disease specialist and an internist.

In the health centre, there will also be specialists from the women’s health centre “Vita” that will provide gynaecological consultations. For customer convenience, gynaecological examinations will be provided on-site.

This is a unique health point that provides consultations with experienced medical professionals, modern equipment, and is open both on working days and weekends.

Range of services of the MFD Health point:

1. Women’s health centre “Vita” offers:
– diagnostics and treatment of gynaecological diseases
– different analyses, medical manipulations and procedures
– all types of ultrasonography examinations
– state financed prenatal care
– postnatal care
– family planning and contraception choice
– infertility testing and treatment
– solutions for menopause problems
– solutions for endocrinology problems in gynaecology

2. Diagnostics (all types of ultrasonography examinations):
– abdominal cavity
– blood vessels of the heart (Doppler)
– breast ultrasonography
– echocardiography
– rectal examinations
– examinations of the blood vessels of arms and legs
– musculoskeletal examinations

3. Laboratory examinations, including state-funded examinations with a general practitioner’s referral
4. All types of vaccination, including state-funded vaccines and travel vaccinations
5. Medical specialist consultations (an infectious disease specialist and a therapist are available every day)
6. Medical massage

IMPORTANT – MFD Health point cooperates with all insurance companies!

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