MAJAI sweets shop chain prides itself capable to offer sweets from more than 150 factories around the world. 

The range entering into our stores are selected with special attention to production quality. Each product is tasted. This enables to supply carefully selected high-quality products. 

In our store you can find about 1,000 different kinds of sweets and sweet gifts from around the world – from black, white and milk chocolate bars, candies, dragees and ending with exotic oriental sweets.

Children can cheer for more than 70 kinds of different flavors and forms of gum, the power disparity between the sizes of candy, chewing gum, surprises. We can be proud that we have a great range of gum with natural juice, natural flavors and colors (fruits, vegetables). Sweets store MAJAI – selected high quality sweets oasis.

Majai – always sweet!

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