• Have you ever forgotten to switch off the iron or close the window at home?
  • Do you have an unruly pet?
  • Do you perhaps have grannies and grandads at home?
  • Do you maybe have another daily situation, which requires a solution?

We have simple solutions to these situations, which may improve your daily routine! Just visit our consultant at the ELEME store on the 1st floor / A new area to discover a new world.

We provide a full range of services both for (B2C) customers and (B2B) business customers – retail, wholesale and construction.

We cooperate with architect, design and insurance companies.
We provide comprehensive consulting, design and full technical support.

Our goal is to save the time, energy and also resources of our customers.

The first and only smart home solution store in the Baltics, which offers an all-in-one “set”.  We represent brands such as:  Netatmo, Garmin, Fibaro, Danfoss, Ring, Sengled, Tp-Link, Vera, Velux, Smanos, Nuki and Flic.

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