50 Style

Spending time with friends: a bike trip outside the city, loud and fervent supporting or an active evening in a fitness studio. You always extract 100% of good emotions from every moment spent with your loved ones. And, at the same time, 50 style takes care of your comfortable clothing in conformity with the best trends. We are the best at this. Active. Together.

In the early morning, you rush to the gym; in the middle of the day, you focus on your professional duties; in the evening, you walk a dog, spend time with your loved ones and plan another active weekend with a group of friends. Positive emotions, comfort and the possibility of choice are what counts for you in life. You know that finely matched shoes and clothes are an important part of each active day. Get to know 50 style and get dressed in your own style.

50 style is chain of multi-brand shops with clothes, shoes and accessories of the best brands originating from sport. Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Umbro, Lotto or Feewear are world giants. Leaders of the sports style and lifestyle! In 50 style, you will always find their best players that won the hearts of all Poles.

Sneakers, football boots, sweatshirts, trousers, T-shirts, backpacks, handbags, sports accessories. These are your everyday companions. 50 style ensures that they allow you to move freely and to stress your style and personality. Each of our collections sticks to the best trends and surprises customers with superstylish details. Attractive prices are also amazing, because comfortable fashion should be available to everyone.

We invite you to branded shopping in a 50 style shop.

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