Photo and costume exhibition devoted to ambitious war drama Blizzard of Souls: LET BLIZZARD OF SOULS HAPPEN


Photo and costume exhibition devoted to 

ambitious war drama Blizzard of Souls



On 4 December, fashion and entertainment centre Riga Plaza unveils Let Blizzard of Souls Happen, an exhibition of costumes and photos documenting the motion picture’s creation.

This exhibition is an all-encompassing photographic story about the making of the film, offering a rare glimpse behind the scenes. The actors and the creative team have been immortalised – during tense working hours and in moments of contemplation – by volunteer photographers from Riga: Pēteris Vīksna, Maksimilians Kotovičs, Otto Strazds, Kristians Poikāns and Jānis Pipars.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to not only see shots documenting the film’s production, but also see first-hand the exact wardrobes worn by Blizzard of Souls major characters Artūrs Vanags (played by Oto Brantevics) and Mirdza (Ieva Florence-Vīksne), as well as those worn by supporting characters.

Costumes for the film were designed by chief costume designer Sandra Sila, costume designer Gita Peta and costumer Dace Rožlapa. All costumes were crafted specifically for this production and supplemented with accessories from the artists’ personal collections.

The exhibition was created in cooperation with large-format printing house PMTM, the picture’s art director Juris Žukovskis, chief costume designer Sandra Sila fashion and entertainment centre Riga Plaza, and clothing store Monton.