Free of charge services

Fashion and entertainment centre Rīga Plaza offers for customers services free of charge:

  • To keep up with global trends and improve the shopping experience, Riga Plaza Fashion and Entertainment Centre now offers a unique and innovative storage system. Its main function is to ensure secure storage of personal belongings to all visitors, especially families, with the help of cutting-edge technology. The new lockers are located on the first floor by the catering area, with 30 storage compartments and 12 charging stations. Each compartment is protected against moisture and ensures ventilation. For the peace of mind of our customers and more secure storing of their personal belongings, each compartment is equipped with the Smart Alarm system and can be easily opened and closed using either RFID identification cards (such as e-tickets or contactless payment cards) or a four-digit code of choice.



well-maintained mother care rooms, project in collaboration with shop „Chicco” on the first and second floors where is possible not only feed or to change a baby’s dipper but also is available „Venden” drinking water and on the second floor also are available baby’s hygiene products and bottle heater from the shop „Chicco”.

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  • Children playground on the second floor (in front of shop „Sportland”).
  • and also free public WiFi,  toilets and parking for disabled people.

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