Exhibition “Latvian’s first expedition to Antarctica.”

16.03.2018 00:00 - 16.04.2018 00:00

From 17.03 to 16.04, in the fashion and entertainment centre, you can see the exhibition “Latvian’s first expedition to Antarctica.”

In February of this year, three Latvian geologists – Kristaps Lamers, Maris Krievans and Janis Karuss – went to the Antarctic in a historic expedition.

Antarctica contains the largest modern-day ice shields that hold most of the world’s freshwater.

The expedition will include surveys of small island glaciers and Antarctic Peninsula exit-glaciers, as well as unique samples of rock, sediment, soil and ice for the analyses of the Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences’ laboratories will be collected.

These studies will contribute to the understanding of modern processes and glacier dynamics in the vicinity of the Antarctic Peninsula by scientists from Latvia and other countries, as well as raising public awareness of global climate change and the effects of glacial melting.

During the expedition, geologists called the Vernadsky Polar Station their home, which was bought by Ukraine in the 1990s for one British pound from Britain.

In honour of this event, a photo exhibition with Latvian geologists has been made.

Agency: TRIBE
Photographer: Gatis Gierts
Stylist: Polina Lvova
Makeup: Eva Beket
Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds
Artistic director: Levan Lomidze
Photo exhibition curator: Marta Ziverte

More about the expedition: http://www.polarexpeditions.lv



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