Ilze Aumale’s exhibition “Vasaras diena” (A Summer’s Day) will be opened in the gallery “M māksla”

01.06.2018 00:00 - 30.06.2018 00:00


From 1 to 30 June, Ilze Aumale’s exhibition “Vasaras diena” will be displayed in the gallery “M māksla” on the first floor of fashion and entertainment centre Rīga Plaza.

Artist Ilze Aumale shares her thoughts on the exhibition:

There are so many ways you can paint a landscape, even one and the same artist can depict one landscape in various ways. These pieces of art were made in Ogre, on sunny and partly sunny days in summer of 2017, and I presume that summer of 2018 will look completely different in the pieces that I’m yet to make. Nature studies are valuable in all manner of ways. I hadn’t attempted a landscape for a longer period, therefore these pieces can be viewed as exercises, they are simple, and they don’t pretend to be “special” or “contemporary”. I could even name some of them “Nostalgia” – with a reference to a time gone by. For some reason, I visualised the “Assorti” box of “Laima” chocolates and one of the paintings on its cover, just as I remember that it had red roses on its cover in the days of my childhood. But overall, this small exhibition is not nostalgic, it is sincere, warm, full of life and even a little naive – and that’s what I love about it. As we rush along our daily lives, sincerity and the other mentioned feelings can often bring nostalgia about, for some of them seem lost, even though the heart dreams of these feelings and longs to feel them again. These may be childhood memories for some people, or something completely new and unprecedented for others.

And the “simplicity”, the liveliness and light-hearted feeling of “being in-the-making”, of the “childish” joy and curiosity with no boundaries in the past or the future, of the light that people seek – that is what makes the artworks of the exhibition “special”.

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