Exhibition “Chuckie” by artist Agita Zemīte

02.07.2018 00:00 - 30.07.2018 00:00

Art gallery “M Māksla” invites to the exhibiton “Chuckie” (Čakijs) by Latvian artist Agita Zemīte. A meetup with the artist will take place on 5th of July.

Agita Zemīte’s artist education started by learning Drawing and Painting at Pioneer Palace of Riga.

Agita perfected her skills by studying with painter Bruno Celmins.

But the link with painting for a moment broke.

The artist’s call for a while was silenced by the desire to prove herself in business.

Returning to the colors and brushes for Agita was prompted by the custom order from Agitas sister Inese Leiše. Succesfull art works was followed by orders and praise among professionals.

Agita likes to paint in watercolor technique, and now, for more than five years, Agita’s favorite theme is animals, their portraits.

Before Agita starts to paint, it’s important to know Agitas model closes, to know its name and character. Then work with the sensations, colors and craftsmanship that characterise Agitas uniqie style may start. Special attention is paid to eyes, they are the mirror of the soul not only to people.

Agitas work is hearty, cheerful and joyous, as she does.

Agita about herself :

I am happy that I came back to paint and re-discover the abundance  of full-color painting of the watercolor technique.

I like to do what’s right for me.

I love to paint animals!

Animals are true, open and free in their manifestations. It’s important for me to feel the character. This is a really interesting job. I am getting a lot of fun and fresh inspiration when painting animals. It’s exciting to do what creates positive emotions, both for me and for others.

It is interesting how one of the pet portraits has played a decisive role in choosing my theme for painting.

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